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100 Percent Winners Review: We Uncover If This Is Another Get Rich Quick Scheme And Scam

100 Percent Winners
Sports Betting Software
Reviewed by
 on April 1, 2011


The 100 Percent Winners Sports Betting Arbitrage Software truly is a 1-of-a-kind system that evaluates paired bets the offers guaranteed returns. It's actually quite unique and a great earner for those of us that just want winning wages handed to us without given it too much thought. This baby is more than worth a shot.

Based on our 100 Percent Winners Review, you will want to know the ins and outs of this all new automated Arbitrage Sportsvesting system due out on or about March 29th of 2011.

Sports Betting Software has actually been a significant development over the past several years among the Sports Betting community. These type programs like 100 Percent Winners provide a sizable opportunity to generate money and that couldn’t come at a better time with this declining economic climate. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t matter where you are from, this system is probably the best thing to hit the market.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a lot of money or otherwise, these programs have come about as an important income stream for thousands of people today. In our Review we took note that this completely new sports wagering application was produced by Steve C,, the creator of Fap-Turbo Robot. Now keep in mind that there are more than 55,000 individuals globally, whom trade with Fap-Turbo making hundreds of thousands in combined profits each day, and that should be a good enough sign of the type of dedicated developer and creator of this program has when it comes to making money software applications that work.

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There are several 100′s of Sports Betting programs you can purchase that really don’t live up to their claims. Swayed tests and pledges have been manufactured by these programmers which turn out to be a huge turn off because of the lack of results.

100 Percent Winners Review

In our 100 Percent Winners review we ask the simple question, is this a scam?

Well, the answer is No, but we will need to dig a bit deeper for further insight. To clarify that response, let’s examine in a little more depth what sports betting software really is.

You will discover generally two kinds of sports betting software that you could order online: the foremost is the “bot” or “robot” kind that will allegedly position wagers on auto-pilot for you at a number of online sportsbooks, in some way determining the best wagers out there or learning with time which teams are most successful.

Additionally, think of it in this way — if you acquired a device that could print money, would you really advertise it? Probably not. So, what sort of sports betting applications are effective and ideal for your betting vocation? There’s two types that may assist, and in this 100Percent Winners review we’ll determine if 100 % Winners fits the bill.

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1) Traditional and Historical research software.

We’ve found that these systems are generally software programs which you may key in your wagers into, they’ll assess them and draw out any patterns or beneficial info that you ought to observe. Some applications will retrieve databases of finished wagers as well as the final results from sports-books sites and evaluate your bet history against them, displaying how you performed. You may even manage to place fabricated bets versus the record databases to try your hypotheses, a back-test if you will.

2) Software Application as a forecaster of potential results for on-line sports-books

In this illustration we’ll check out Betfair, they feature improved interfaces with real-time info display, charts and current forecasts determined by historical trend data. This isn’t the same as the software as stated above – these applications are only considering what actually transpired previously, and predicting the identical info in to the future.

100 Percent Winners Review

Exactly what is the 100 Percent Winners Sports Betting Software Anyway?

As noted, this is a new sports wagering software program which was designed for the only aim of generating its customers money on every wager. This is a sports arbitrage betting program. This software program will open up a couple of browser  windows, and then will log into 2 bookmakers immediately, and place 2 bets that end up  generating constant profits for you, without fail! Again ……. I said, WITHOUT FAIL.

If you have ever heard about sports arbitrage wagering, you’ll know this; Regardless of what the actual end result of the sports match, you won’t lose.

Sports arbitrage betting is the act of putting a wager on several outcomes of a game. Oftentimes bookmakers’ prices vary enough that the prospect develops to put bets on multiple outcomes, consequently creating a profit regardless of who wins! Crazy I know….yet true. Actually, arbitrage is a secret amongst some hedge fund managers on Wall Street allowing them to make money all the time.

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So is sports arbitrage betting actually your best option to create guaranteed gains? Without a doubt, you could make adequate money if you’re prepared to put in the work. Sports arbitrage betting is complicated and time intensive. Fortunately in our review and discovery, the outcome is that this software does all of the work mentioned above for you, and will make your life easy.

In conclusion, if you want to become a serious wagerer, then you should consider investing in some type of sports betting software. Hopefully we’ve given you enough ammunition to consider giving the 100 % winners a try for your steady stream of guaranteed income and that this 100 Percent Winners review aided you to profitable months and years to come.

100 Percent Winners review